Your ONE Stop Shop For All Your Wallet Needs

  • Earn additional revenue through MEV backrunning

  • Integrate value adding services with a single click

  • Prevent IP tracking & increase data privacy compliance

  • Seamless integration of additional L1s/L2s/RaaSs

  • Choose your own RPC provider

Using ONE is as simple as integrating our SDK. Contact us now for a free integration.

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Supported chains

More coming soon!

RPCh blue Shield, Wallet Privacy powered by HOPR

What is ONE?

ONE is the one wallet SDK that you need to conveniently integrate all the features into your wallet that your users demand. ONE offers a drop-in replacement of your typical ethers.js, web3.js, wagmi (and more!) instance. It enables developers to choose from value adding services that include as MEV backrunning, routing of RPC request & responses via HOPR network and much more coming soon. ONE is the first open platform in order to scale the infrastructure of the web3.

Why wallet developers love ONE:

  1. Earn 25% of MEV backrunning revenue, the remaining 75% go to your users (live!)
  2. Seamlessly onboard additional chains (L1s, L2s, and custom Rollup-as-a-Service L2s) that are natively integrated into the whole ONE product experience (coming soon!)
  3. Don't trust, verify! The data that's delivered from RPC providers can be client-side verified via light client verification (coming soon!)
  4. Prevent scam & frauds by integrating pre-flight transaction checks (coming soon!)
  5. Reduce transaction costs with gas fee optimization (coming soon!)
  6. Simulate transactions to protect your users (coming soon!)
  7. Protect users from IP data harvesting and accounting linking of RPC providers, hosting providers and other third parties and increase your data privacy compliance overhead by routing RPC calls through HOPR mix nodes (live!)

Technical Integration

Integrate ONE effortlessly with our wallet SDK

The integration of ONE is as easy as it could be as ONE offers a drop-in replacement of your typical ethers.js, web3.js, wagmi instantiation. You can check our tutorials how to do that yourself or contact us to integrate ONE into your wallet for FREE at our next hackathon.

Wallet Integrations (Demo)

At the Infinite Hackathon in Bogota last year, three wallets were integrated. Block Wallet, Tally Ho!, and Frame.

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The Lack of Privacy in Web3

Crypto wallets today leak unreasonable amounts of data & metadata about their users.
Not maliciously or on purpose, but just inherently with how they function.

Luckily, ONE solves this completely!

Why does your wallet need ONE?

Ready to boldly go?

Wallets are the gateway to the web3 wonderworld. But today, wallets are left alone in shouldering the heavy burden of securing their users' assets, keeping up with the ever accelerating landscape of the Ethereum excution layer and also integrate new features & services. We want to support your voyages: to explore strange new worlds; to seek out new dapps and new infrastructure; to boldly go where no one has gone before!
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    Earn 25% of the MEV revenue your users generate

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    Integrate value-adding services with a single click

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    Choose your own RPC provider

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    100% full-stack privacy

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    Seamless integration & UX

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